<<<<< ISO 9001 Compliant & Quality Control >>>>>
Every supplier of the raw materials we use in our products are ISO 9001 Certified and since December of 1999, U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc. has been ISO 9001 Compliant. We have always had a good hand on our Quality Control, but felt it was time to put a certification on our product. Providing our customers with Quality Service and Quality Products has been U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc.'s goal since its inception in 1989. In our continuing effort to set the industry standards, our goal is to be the first company in this industry to be ISO 9001 Certified.

All blended TireSmart® Product is assigned a batch number when manufactured for full traceability. Every batch of TireSmart® product packaged has a batch sample logged into the batch library for referencing Quality Control Standards. Each style of packaging is assigned an Inventory Control Number referencing the batch number it was blended from. These Inventory Control Numbers are recorded on all Customer Invoices and Packaging to ensure full product traceability from cradle to grave.

If a customer has a product issue of any kind, we have a sample of the exact same product that is in their tires for referencing / testing to verify all Quality Control Standards were met. Also if a product recall were ever needed to be conducted, we know where, when, and who has our product to notify them of any concerns that justify this kind of action. This gives customer peace of mind that the products they purchase from U.S.Tire-Tech, Inc. are of the highest quality in the industry and have full traceability.