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1. Q: Do you have to mix, stir, blend or agistate this product before using?

A: No. TireSmart® is blended into a homogenized state that doesn't require any additional mixing. Products that require additional mixing are telling you they separate while in their original packaging. Think of what happens under centrifugal force to the product when used in tires.

2. Q: Will TireSmart® affect my tire's warranty?

A: No. TireSmart® has been tested by the top Tire Testing Laboratories in the U.S. and passed all A.S.T.M. rubber manufactuers requiremnts.

3. Q: What benefits will I receive from using TireSmart®?

A: The benefits are too long to list in this section. Download the TireSmart® Brochure for more information. This product will certainly reduce your tire maintence budget and allow companies to recoup dollars spent in a segment of their operating budget that they have nver before been able to. Imagine what a 15% to 40% reduction in preventable tire failures and repairs could mean to your company's tire budget.

4. Q: Why would I want to purchase TireSmart® verses other Tire Sealants?

A: TireSmart® is much more than a Tire Sealant. TireSmart® is a preventative mantenance product designed to extend tire life. Download the TireSmart® Brochure for full details and benefits. Also, when you purchase TireSmart® you receive over 50 years of combined hands-on experince in the Tire Sealant Industry from U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc's staff to help you with your purchase and installation needs. There is no substitue for expernce when it comes to product knowlege and installtion know-how in this industry.

5. Q: Will TireSmart® cause wheel rim and stell belt corrosion like other water soluble Tire Sealants?

A: No, TireSmart® is the first preventative tire maintenance product to contain Rust Eliminatorin its' formation that will kill rust, corrosion and oxidation in its' tracks while being run in the tire. See Rust Eliminator Brochure for full details and benefits. When a customer installs TireSmart® into their tires, they are also protecting their wheel rims and steel belts from corrosion with Rust Eliminator™. This is a huge benefit for the customer beyond what other competitive product offer. In fact, most all water soluble Tire Sealants cause and promote wheel rim/ steel belt corrosion. Water inside the air chamber is not a good combination with scrateched or unpainted rims and steel belts as rust / corrosion is inevitable.

6. Q: Will TireSmart® work in High Speed and Low Speed Applications?

A: Yes, TireSmart® is manufactured in 3 different formulations. OnRoad Merge1000, On/Off Road Merge2000 and Heavy Off Road Merge 3000. Each of our Merge Series are made from 100% Twaron Aramid Fiber. This type of fiber was designed specifically for this type of application and is the highest quality fiber on the market today. The only difference from one blend to the other is the size, percentage of fiber used in that blend and fiber combinations used together to make a particular Merge. Unlike other competitive Tire Sealants that use substandard fibers in their formulations that wick, melt and wear down from abrasive centrifugal forces, U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc. uses only 100% Twaron Amarid Fiber. This fiber has withstood heat up to 800°F before carbonizing, it will not absorb or transfer moisture, and it will take severe long-term use in high-speed enviroments without wearing down. Twaron is 5 times stronger than the tensile strength of steel. What would you rather have in your tires, Twaron Amarid Fibers or Cotton, Cellulose, Polyethylene or Fiberglass: all of which wick, melt or wear down extremely fast? Always request a product MSDS to verify what is in the formation and percentage of what types of fibers are being used. Most competitors will not divulge this information because they know their products are substandard and will not provide any long-term use. Stay away from these type products as they will only add to your tire and whell rim problems.

7. Q: Can TireSmart® be used in Tube Type as well as Tubless Tires?

A: Yes. However the success rate in a tube type tire will be lower than that of a Tubeless tire due to the fact that if the tube is ripped or torn, the seal between the tube and tire will be lost. in a tubeless application, the tire's inner-liner works as the tube and holds the fiber plug in place as the seal is formed as it is compressed throught he tires tread area.

8. Q: Can tires that run TireSmart® be repaired or recapped?

A: Yes. TireSmart® will not change anything that you do in regards to repairing or recapping your tires. See TireSmart® installation guide for details.

9. Q: How long will TireSmart® last?

A: TireSmart® will last the life of the tire it is installed in. Unused product has a 2 year shelf life.

10. Q: Is TireSmart® easy to use and install?

A: Yes. TireSmart® is very easy to use and install. We have user-friendly packkaging with simple instructions to make installation easy. Our installation pumps and tools allow for aquick and deflation free installations. See TireSmart® installation guide for details. We also offer pre-measured bags that eliminate the need for pumps and tools. The pre-measured bags also eliminate the labor cost and controls inventoryl.